Declaration of Padma Bridge Wildlife Sanctuary (PBWS)


Own Reporter #   A. Publication of the Notification
Considering natural, geo-morphological features, biodiversity and environmental significance and for
the conservation of river/wetland biodiversity and wildlife habitat the Government was pleased to
declared Padma Bridge Wildlife Sanctuary (PBWS) vide, gazette notification No
22.00.0000., dated 23 December 2020, in the light of The Wildlife (Conservation
and Security) Act, 2012.
The PBWS is comprised of the main river channel, its tributaries, char land, reed land, cultivated lands
and river banks available in the area. Elevation in the Char land ranges from 1.5 to 6 m. Char land on
the upstream sides are more elevated than the downstream side.
 Total Area-The area covers from the offtake of the Arial Kha River in the upstream of the bridge
alignment and in the downstream up to Dhogikandi of Paler char area. The channels of the river
in between are also included in the PA.
 Total area of the PBWS is about 11,772.608 ha, of which 8,142.575 ha is core area about
3,639.030 ha and is buffer area.
 Boundary of the PA
The PBWS is bounded:
– On the north by Padma River itself and Bhagyakul, Bhagra, Medinimondal, Kandipara,
Mawa, Kumarvhog and Teutia;
– On the east by Louhajang Upazila Sader, Paler char, Padma River itself and
– On south by Paler Char, Purba Nawdoba, Naedoba, Khathalbari, Matber char and
Dongikandi; and
– On the west by Bandorkhola, offtake of the Arial Kha River, Khalpar and Narkelbaria.
A. Regulations (According to the Wildlife (Conservation & Security) Act 2012 and
Protected Area Management Rules (2017):
To ensure better maintenance and effective management of the PBWS, the activities
that are prohibited or banned should be publicized.
Prohibitions in sanctuary. – (1) In a sanctuary no person shall:
(a) cultivate any land;
(b) establish or undertake any industrial operation;
(c) harvest, destroy or collect any plants;
(d) set any kind of fire;
(e) enter into a sanctuary with any weapon without prior permission of the Chief Warden
or the officer empowered by him in this behalf;
(f) disturb or threat wild animal, or use chemicals, explosives or any other weapon
or substances in such activities which may destroy wildlife habitat;
(g) introduce any exotic animal or plant;
(h) introduce any domestic animal or allow any domestic animal to stray;
(i) dump any materials detrimental to wildlife;
(j) explore or dig for extraction of minerals;
(k) fell any plant or part thereof except silvicultural operations required for natural
regeneration of plants;
(l) divert, stop or pollute watercourse; or
(m) introduce any alien and invasive plant species.
Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-section (1), after the promulgation of this Act, no
person, institution or company shall establish or operate any industrial factory or brick field
within 2 (two) kilometers from the boundary of a sanctuary.
But when an area is declared as Protected Area (sanctuary in this case), measures to be
taken to protect the occupational, traditional or right of livelihood of local community such as
– fishermen, boatmen, etc., living there according to the Protected Area Management Rules

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